Making An Offer on a Wrecked Lamborghini Super Trofeo... 

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What do you guys think? Would this be a cool build for the channel?
Be kind, Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. ♥
What is Ecrew? When I had to uproot and move to Indiana, there was a car community called Bcrew (B for Bloomington, Indiana). These guys became my family. Instead of partying on the weekends, I was working on cars- and I loved it. Since starting youtube, I have started what I call Ecrew. It's not supposed to be some childish "Logang squad." It's a community where you get to take 10min out of your day and be involved in a build, but more importantly it's a family.

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Mar 21, 2021




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EmeliaHartford Month ago
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to keeps.com/emelia to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment.
Yungmax W
Yungmax W 3 days ago
Turn into a track or drag car, like a exoskeleton
Jervon Moore
Jervon Moore 14 days ago
Buy it Emilia
Randy Bentley
Randy Bentley 24 days ago
: inserts Shia LaBeouf " JUST DO IT! " meme here. : =D
Christopher Caldera
do it get it would be amazing
John P
John P 27 days ago
You need to get it but let him and his team put it together it will be cheaper in the long run nd it will get done to speck and right really think about it
Devon Jacobs
Devon Jacobs 11 days ago
kody klein
kody klein 12 days ago
Supporting your dream! lets get you in that Lamborghini
Bill Brice
Bill Brice 12 days ago
Buy the CAR!!!
Laurencmitc 12 days ago
Would love to see that
Preston George
Preston George 12 days ago
Michael Jarvis
Michael Jarvis 12 days ago
Hell yes get that bubble gum wrapper with the sto tramp stamp
r j auto
r j auto 13 days ago
Yep buy it young lady 💯👍👍👍
potentialreality3 14 days ago
you know ya wanna, looks like a cool build.
xspyke 14 days ago
buy once, cry once
Brenton Laaker
Brenton Laaker 15 days ago
Buying this would be a great investment because you could use the income from US-first rebuilding it to help build it and once it’s built you’ll have a practice car so it’s use isn’t done after it’s built
William Robinson
William Robinson 15 days ago
The people who are building the street cars using wide body gt1 parts are building the guilardo. Or however you spell it.
Peter Adams
Peter Adams 15 days ago
Do it! Yes
Fade2blackCF 16 days ago
Yes! Would love to see this build!
John Sam jr
John Sam jr 16 days ago
Glamours drift qween it Alvin using my bro you tube ls powerd Lambo for sure
RaPPidZniPヅ 17 days ago
buy it
as lamb
as lamb 18 days ago
Ms. Emelia go for it you would most likely like it look at WOMAN DRIVEN she loves to drive ROAD COURSE TRACKS she has 3 or 2 almost 3 CARS she runs on ROAD COURSE she has her MUSTANG CAMARO ZL 1 LE DODGE CHALLENGER HELL CAT & the MUSTANG she blew the ENGINE in & sent it to get it built HIGH PERFORMANCE & is in the process of putting it back in the CAR if she does not already have it in the CAR already & like you she is doing all of the installation herself so if she & ALEX TAYLOR can do something like that you should be able to & go for it
Sumet Aintajol
Sumet Aintajol 18 days ago
Lambo modifier
Örjan Zigher
Örjan Zigher 18 days ago
Coolt go for it,,,,
Brandon Nagle
Brandon Nagle 19 days ago
Buy the race car
King Sinakho
King Sinakho 19 days ago
Get it
Mike Lefebvre
Mike Lefebvre 19 days ago
Do it
carson berend
carson berend 19 days ago
get that car so you can go bvrooom bvroooom
Casey Chase
Casey Chase 20 days ago
I wish there was a LOVE button instead of the like!! The love button would be like 💯 likes! Cause this lovely lady should be loved for her content alone, even though her personality is what's really loved about her!!
Casey Chase
Casey Chase 20 days ago
Hey Emelia!! You're an amazing woman thru and thru!! You're humble and kind! You are very thankful to your SUBSCRIBERS and people who watch your videos! I appreciate and envy you even though I'm a man! Most men can't accomplish what you have already in a few years!! You're living a dream that many guys would love to be engaged in! 👊👊👊 Much respect Emelia, I'm a huge fan. It was cool to see you in"Sorted" as well!! You Rock girl!! 😅😆👊😁👊👊👊
rkohnke1 20 days ago
John Stamper
John Stamper 20 days ago
You can do it
Eric Pool
Eric Pool 21 day ago
Scott Shelton
Scott Shelton 21 day ago
I think yes, if your able to get the complete package for it .🙏
spencech 22 days ago
camera work still sucks. Can't believe how many people watch your videos and don't give you any constructive feedback.
402CarKid 22 days ago
Scratch the supercar and just get that wrecked super trofeo so you have a practice car. And then drive it on the street whenever lol.
Jim Jack
Jim Jack 22 days ago
Nothing to talk about. You Will never get it finished. Would cost a fortune
Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross 22 days ago
Definitely rebuild race car! A lot more interesting than another purchased supercar like other US-firstrs
Stack 22 days ago
Even though it’s from someone who can help you with everything about it I really think you should move on as he’ll have no bad feelings and who knows something else might just come along that’s more realistic and not such a money pit. Either way you’ll always have them as friends and maybe even down the road be a full time team member. But I think move on and something else will fall into place that was meant to be !! Stay and Play Safe !! 👊👍
FREEDOM 1776 22 days ago
Never vote for any Demorats!!!😔😔😔
isaias 777
isaias 777 23 days ago
Soy un seguidor felicitaciones de Lima Perú
Anirudh Ganesh
Anirudh Ganesh 23 days ago
Mr Stover
Mr Stover 23 days ago
Do it!!
Craig Hall
Craig Hall 23 days ago
Yes get it.
Andrew Bushey
Andrew Bushey 23 days ago
do it
Cy Blackburn
Cy Blackburn 23 days ago
If the Super Trofeo fuels your dream and you cam make a business case, go for it!
Edward Dergosits
Edward Dergosits 24 days ago
The hair loss product has a significantly better chance of a good outcome than attempting to restore this Lambo.
sergio Mejia
sergio Mejia 24 days ago
Yes !!!
Troiback 24 days ago
I'd say do it...its big win for you,forget youtube mindset of getting a car just because you want new content.This is about you reaching a milestone that a few people get to achieve. Just get it no matter what..at the end of the day you need that car to improve as much as you may need content🙂besides you did want a Lamborghini😝😝
Bayer-Z28 24 days ago
As soon as you asked about buying that “should I buy this even wrecked? It just feels right!” ... I got instant anxiety! So I totally understand that feeling of “omg jump on this!”
Carl's Mod's & Class
100 % yes opportunity not to be missed
Barry Draper
Barry Draper 24 days ago
Ima say GO 4 IT... You have great people surrounding you for the build and potentially the backing of this race team. Just Do It!!!
Marcus Sensabaugh
Marcus Sensabaugh 24 days ago
Stuart Loone
Stuart Loone 24 days ago
I say buy it 100000000%%% It will be good for your channel and maybe even get you onto bigger better things.. And my opinion, Steph is scared cause your right on her ass!!
libraisia libra
libraisia libra 24 days ago
I loved 2 watch youre vlog. But the titels are more like clickbait today.
Big Bear Venom
Big Bear Venom 24 days ago
To expensive !
Big Bear Venom
Big Bear Venom 24 days ago
Why not run the C8 ?
Lloyd V.
Lloyd V. 25 days ago
There are no acting opportunities..........
Brandon Akana
Brandon Akana 25 days ago
NOBODY 25 days ago
Buy the wrecked Lamborghini YESSSS
Jah Son
Jah Son 25 days ago
Get some!
DoctorJ 25 days ago
Yes do it
Jose Angulo
Jose Angulo 25 days ago
When the universe puts opportunities in front of you and you take them and succeed, it will eventually lead you down the path to put this very moment in front of you that can change your whole life all together. I hope you took a leap and accepted the opportunity. Id wish you luck but hard work is certain to get results.
spacecase70 25 days ago
Do it Em!!
Tom Kearney
Tom Kearney 25 days ago
1:11 Dat face tho'. Precious.
David Gourdie
David Gourdie 26 days ago
Shed load of dough to get it up to club car status.But,you seem to have the connections so have at it.Think about an f5000 rear drive train cleverly hidden except for the stack injection.
Tyler Malic
Tyler Malic 26 days ago
Yes full send it
Kevin Laurense
Kevin Laurense 26 days ago
Yes do it. 🏎
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 26 days ago
That would definitely be a dope series to watch. And it'd benefit you in your racing career, be cheaper, gain that confidence that you said you lack. I know almost, if not all your viewers would love it
Kenneth Tate
Kenneth Tate 26 days ago
Buy adams.
Chris Hassen
Chris Hassen 26 days ago
Craig Wigant
Craig Wigant 26 days ago
It makes sense to buy it. I say yes.
zombie_racer 26 days ago
Buy it!! Get your seat time and build that brand!
Ryan Burbank
Ryan Burbank 26 days ago
Buy.......... it!
Ivan A
Ivan A 26 days ago
She won't buy it
ben van Beetz
ben van Beetz 26 days ago
I think you deffently should do it then u have your EPIC supercar xD and no more renting 1 on the track!
Charlie Dillon
Charlie Dillon 26 days ago
The only thing I don’t understand is why you are driving a Trofeo when is it quite obvious you well off the pace where you need to be to even be considering driving a car like that. All I can see that your doing is getting comfortable with the track and is the reason your picking up time. The car is an after thought you can drive literally any car and get the same out of it but you will most likely learn more. By driving a slower car that’s cheaper so you don’t have any fears you will be able to expand your knowledge and technique. I just can’t see by what your doing as helping yourself in any ways. As I say all your doing is getting good at one track not really lerning the car but only the track. Just a thought really. I would have said you will do yourself more favours by not running before you can walk and buying a 20-30k track car and going to all kinds of tracks honing in your technique and feel for the car. All I can see with what your doing is wasting money and gaining very little. Why try and shoot for the top when you won’t make qualifying... when he took you out around the track and opened your eyes to see that you don’t have the feel or technique to play with the big dogs you should have probably thought maybe I need to enter into a lower class and go up the ranks like everyone else. It’s everyone’s dream to be racing in things like the trofeo class and racing gt cars all over the world. But but you can’t just jump straight into that. Even if you do have the money because it just won’t work. Do a build where you buy something like a civic, bmw 3 series, Porsche Boxster,cayman or even gt4. And make them into track cars and enter in to time attack series where you don’t have to worry about racing people but more doing your best and improving your times. You will learn so much.
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez 26 days ago
Heel yea buy
NIYLEZ 26 days ago
Hell yh buy it, buy it, buy it
Jennifer Rosander
Jennifer Rosander 26 days ago
Omg this makes my heart so happy! ❤️❤️❤️
KCJbomberFTW 26 days ago
Your instructor got a 1:46 twice you’re up at 1:52 that’s 5 Laps down at the end of a race
alexurzua52 26 days ago
Do it you'll get a lot of views for it
Daniel Lynn
Daniel Lynn 26 days ago
Yes yes yes you should definitely buy one of the wrecked Super Trofeos
Serpintinelion 26 days ago
Yes do it. Would love to see a full build series on it.
Frederik Kruse
Frederik Kruse 26 days ago
buy it and good god you are beautiful Emelia.. wow
Only One
Only One 26 days ago
Give Bert his eyebrows back!
JEANIUS FILMS 26 days ago
A Drug Dealer in Massachusetts bought that... lol
Kenneth Crickmore
Kenneth Crickmore 27 days ago
sorry I wrote a little book in the last one I get carried away when I talk about fast cars and especially if I made it fast...nut my opinion is yes totally buy that cool fast car and build the fastest toy you can make it yours. I only want to see it go really really fast and quick around the track ..the goal of any race car get eroung that trace faster than the other guy and don't crash... keep the tires on the asphalt...drive hard don't let them make any "Girl" jokes on you Ive seen what you can do....go for it and if it's true and it can be all wheel drive go go go make it do it's thing. oh by the way I'm a 62 yr lod guy with a passinn for anything with an engine and goes really fast,, and/or Is really fun to drive I've been intpo fast cars since 14 yrs old and as in my last coment yes a '62 'Vette 10 drag car was the thing i learned to drive in the day after my 15th B-Day snd so on dec 18 and in the snow and Ice in the winter in Ohio I learned to control a light car with about 425HP on the slippery hard packed snow covered roads in the midwest winter...Oh what fun it is to drive in a light weight Chevrolet( to the tune of Jingle Bells.. and guess what my middle mane is...it is just a week before Christmas.. dad hung a good one on me... "Noel" is my middle mane can be cool but i got so much teasing at times so lol but having learned under those difficult conditions in a car with that much power and weighing not much I had to learn how to control it so precisely with so little traction on those slippery roads.... drifting around a 45mph posted curve at about 25mph ( wheels spinning at around 55mph driving by tach (speedo was off about 15% or so) also my dad had given me the equasion for calculating road speed by rpm, rea ndiff gear ratio and the tire hight axle center to groung for circumfrence=2 piR so calculated out and reduced to a decimal value able to plug in at any rpm and get mph and i had done the calculations myself long hand on paper and yes at 14 yrs old i coulkd do that ( was tested for IQ at 8 yrs old and scored 165+ then 3 yrs later again went up a bit to 173) (yes bragging a bit) so yes fun driving that around but i learned the limits in all conditions..makes regular city driving easier and racing was more controlled because of that too...
Slider68 27 days ago
You are planning to buy a super expensive super car to dedicate to road racing, while learning to road race? That sounds very expensive, although US-first does like unpractical things... The guys I know who raced might be biased, but they tell me the best starting out option is to buy an older but well setup tube chassis race car ideally with dzus fastener held on body skin, full coil-over race suspension, quick change or at least 3rd member based rear end (eg Ford 9") and for power stick with a North American V8 style racing block that can reliably make 500+hp and a racing transmission (either sequential or plated manual) setup for clutch-less shifts. These are cheap to not only buy but, more importantly while learning, to repair. They also highly recommend when getting into racing you are far better off to buy a complete or near complete previously raced race car rather than building one yourself. After learning and playing with the race car for a few years you can sell it, probably for more than you paid for it, and move on to your next project. ... That is what a buddy of mine did about 15 years ago. He paid $19,500 to become the 3rd owner of a NASCAR style road racing car, with a full tube chassis (actually not quite, the class it raced in required a section of chassis from a street vehicle) made by a reputable race chassis builder and dzus fastened on Ford "T-Bird" body. The chassis included all sorts of impressive parts like racing coil-overs, absolutely massive 6-piston quick change racing brakes & floating rotors, a quick change rear end with a rear end driven alternator and oil pump, a quick ratio racing rack and pinion with electric hydraulic power assist (that could be switched on and off with a switch), etc. It was basically a full NASCAR chassis from 12-13 years ago at the time. It had been raced hard for 5 seasons, kept as a backup/practice car for a few more and sold as a rolling chassis to a 2nd owner who turned it into a toy for track days. The 2nd owner bought it, complete with the NASCAR brakes & coil-overs setup for road racing. He then got a wrecked drag car and swapped in the turbocharged 7.2L Ford style motor, automated manual transmission (CO2 upshifts), and installed a huge aluminum radiator. Part of the reason the price was low was there was no class the car was legal to race in as it stood. There was also damage to the right rear corner, not to mention the chassis style was out of date for the class it ran in. To make it legal in the racing class he chose to enter he did have to remove the turbo and convert the transmission back to manual (still with clutchless shifting). He also had the shop that originally built the chassis repair the chassis damage and update the roll cage to comply with the current rules. At that point it was ready to go. He brought it out to a few of the local open track days and this thing absolutely blew away ALL of the exotic super cars. It is insane how much faster a true race car is, especially at cornering, compared to a street car. Before you make a decision, think about how expensive it will be to rebuild a wrecked super car that is designed with modern crush zones front and rear. Also think about how much you'll be able to sell the car for after you've raced it for a couple of years. These older NASCAR style chassis not only don't loose much value, but they also have crush zones that are designed to be replaced for a low cost and the body is just a plastic skin. Good luck whichever way you decide to go. Maybe going the super car route will bring in enough US-first views to pay the ~5x to 10x higher price to pay for it?...Without US-first no way would it make sense...
Kenneth Crickmore
Kenneth Crickmore 27 days ago
If as he said that the chassis damage has been repaired and It's a matter of rebuilding the car and tune everything to race specs. then If it is possible for you to float the finances then I think there is the chance to get the car you need and if having the help you need to complete the car and have a race capable car...Yes those are a lot of 'If's" but that chance is whqat you want and after seing what you have into the C-9 and how well that all came together this car project is what you want and need It's my Opinion that you should go for it...I wish that I had and opertunity when I was your age when I had the time and energy for this kind of project...I started working on high performance cars at age 14 with my dad's '62 Corvette built and tuned for drag racing...I was on a good day able to squeeze a good quik 10,88 1/4 mi out of it if condition were right.. I was later able to coax a slant--6 ,3 speed manual '71 Plymouth Duster up to about 325 HP with head work enlarged intake and exhaust treatments and rear diff mods.and a few other tweaks for power and a detuning mods for street driving a holley 850 double pump /double feed primary side 350CFM secondary side 500CFM simply block the primary with a special made sealable plate with a second threaded post and butterfly nut ans install a shutoff valve in the suel supply line to the secondary.. ad you have wat amounts to a 2bbl 350CFm carb and with the custom made open plenum intake manifold it is nearly stock and the timing is a simple adjustment retarded from where it was set for thefueladded by the "whole 850CFM cars but a bit more that stock to on a stock slant ^ Chrystler engine is 0/TDC I simply advence that to about 4 deg BTDC to compensate and I get dood fuel economy..and when i want the power I "" Kick the Little Witch Awake by Opening up the secondary turn on its fuel retime the distributor to the "R"/race mark on the block with Plug wire #1 I had painted white arrow at the ''''''R"" and "S" marks when I tuned for each timing setting had a special wrench bent just right to make the reset easier...Loosen the retainer bolt retime it to the desired make on the block locke it backdown all in about 10 seconds the carm takes about the same.. and opening up the headers takes even less time so in under a minute I can go from mild sterrt driven little zoom zoommm... to a roaring and fire breathing drag monster about to eat youir lunch for you... and being a long blonde haired guy at only 5'2" and 125lbs in a powder blue car with great big fat rear tires well what if you have a Camaro with a souped up V-8 350 you just know will beat this funny looking blue thing who says "Hey Wanna race??" zoom zoom ( slant-6 sounds all stock and weak) hehe bit and switch going on here...say bye bye to your Pink Slip guy... I'll own your car in a minute or two...let me kicj the bitch awake here....lol the rest is grave and i sell their title back to them for $100 cash and go off on my way to the next fool Jock or Fonzie wanna be who thinks they got a hot ride... and under estimate my little sky blue wolf in sheeps' clothing there were some who knew me personally who realy sould beat my car but those were a 67 Ford Ranchero with a blown Big Block 460 and all the attendant go faster parts to compliment it and the other was a 69 Chevelle SS with a 396 ratt motor 4- speed stick and about 500HP so I don't try those two friends of mine we get along just fine as it is nothing to frove here.. we like messing with over confident A#% holes who think their poop don't stink...yeah we make those guys cry when we show them how slow they really are....loud don't make you fast power tuner right manks the difference...
Street48 27 days ago
J Whetsell
J Whetsell 27 days ago
Buy it!
6 speed Scat pack
6 speed Scat pack 27 days ago
Any xenon contect
Jose Miguel Yap
Jose Miguel Yap 27 days ago
Why not it helps you out to get your practice better. ITS A SUPER CAR GO FOR IT please!
Paul McCool
Paul McCool 27 days ago
Get it!
John P
John P 27 days ago
Yes get it for sure
B Hoffman
B Hoffman 27 days ago
Why is Michelle
802 Garage
802 Garage 27 days ago
I mean... YES. Way cooler than buying a normal street supercar IMO.
richm77 27 days ago
Jorky Gonzalez
Jorky Gonzalez 27 days ago
Send it
Mumblez 27 days ago
I'm not a Lambo guy personally. I'd rather watch you turn your Prius into a Supercar haha! Ok not that bad but I'm all about American Muscle. I would have loved an ACR but I understand this for your channel and racing career and say GO GET THAT LAMBO! I'll still watch and support whatever your decision
lil yellow 1 How
lil yellow 1 How 27 days ago
Youll have a c8 and a ghini 🌟✨🙌 .make it happen
Channel 27 days ago
I like it
Ale Vera
Ale Vera 27 days ago
It's so sad that all of this is about to disappear... No More turbos, superchargers, tuner or specialized exhausts. Goto sema.org/epa-news and learn about it.
rezzy 27 days ago
do it