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I'm moving...
2 months ago
Goran Marjanovic
Goran Marjanovic 12 hours ago
Lol I knew she was getting dusted. That's funny how she thought she.was.gonna.beat it lmbo. Not trying to be rude but she didn't know much about cars....she came up with.some excuses quick tho lol. Lol btw pretty sure the one dude let you catch him
Jens Vielmann
Jens Vielmann 12 hours ago
Wondering if the same rule applies for anything more than two rubs ? Anyways those Banshee’s really got me thinking... they look like loads of fun (only that I wouldn’t know where to really drive em around here :( )
8SecSleeper 13 hours ago
This is embarrasing
Tyrin BertTM
Tyrin BertTM 13 hours ago
She sounds like chad 😂
Adam Peters
Adam Peters 14 hours ago
For YEARS!!! I've seen multiple Harbor Freight Stores saying "Going out of Business" yet they have never closed... I am growing suspicion.
darkgenius 14 hours ago
yea, the 1-2 shift seems way off lol and caught a freaking tycan lol "1500 but i want the hit" because he knows you got his ass lol yea, that 1-2 shift needs worked on, it sounds like it's misfiring and bogging bad, great to see it run hard finally
Gabriel Cortez
Gabriel Cortez 14 hours ago
California weather is spectacular.. i thought you where gonna race that Baja truck first then its a banshee ...
Lahiru Arambawela
Lahiru Arambawela 14 hours ago
2:44 Joshy Weissman’s new But Better Episode: Gas vs. Electric
Kalle Fleck
Kalle Fleck 14 hours ago
joe19812003 14 hours ago
Pulling those air filters is probably worth 3 tenths or more. Choking that engine...
Nick N.
Nick N. 15 hours ago
I'm sorry but that red tag bouncing off the rear view mirror would not last 5 seconds with my OCD.
Daniel 15 hours ago
Fueltech drag race? C8 va c8 ?
d dd
d dd 15 hours ago
the guys from fueltech got a new record, but worry not, your project is still amazing Emilia! keep on rocking!
Ross Kulma
Ross Kulma 15 hours ago
I think she needs to demo the manscape tool on the Boys in her shop.
Aj 15
Aj 15 16 hours ago
you need a speedglas welding helmet. I got you Let me know!!!!!!!!!!
Ted Longings
Ted Longings 16 hours ago
She always blows by them in the end! I love her so much! Hahaha
Roger Gibson
Roger Gibson 16 hours ago
you rag on people and your shit breaks all the time and you have more excuses than anyone
Laguy211 16 hours ago
Photo finish for sure lol sounds like another C8 repair video
William Hudson
William Hudson 16 hours ago
Being a US-firstr you would think you would use that platform to get some drywalling tips before attempting this garage project but hey.... putty and paint make it what it ain’t
Oliver Espinoza
Oliver Espinoza 17 hours ago
Humiliated? You didn't even win, you claim to have the fastest of the fastest blah blah blah, and can't even beat a quad bike with that car 🤣
david slacks
david slacks 17 hours ago
I know the pain of having to jack up your car to put it in a lift.
fireftr21 17 hours ago
Spiccoli ❗️❗️❗️🤣🤣🤣
john ashley
john ashley 17 hours ago
Omg I love you get big or go home
Tomas Pierceall
Tomas Pierceall 18 hours ago
race streetspeed717
j Chase
j Chase 18 hours ago
BLACK05GO1 18 hours ago
Need a way to get the car to hook. You shouldn't be getting beat that badly off the line by a Porsche Taycan Turbo.
Driftking2020 18 hours ago
What is it with the buggy guy and sliding into people and death??
Evilempire1131 18 hours ago
You should hide the turbos and put the exhaust out the hood
Giorgio Giustizieri
Giorgio Giustizieri 18 hours ago
Joe M
Joe M 18 hours ago
All I got to say is you just killing it girl killing it good for you and your team Kool Beanz
E Gutierrez
E Gutierrez 19 hours ago
Congratulations I'm so happy for you!!!! That's f'n awesome!!!!!!! You earned it
iiHunterdxLaw 19 hours ago
If you and the banshee was to go to 1000ft you would have got it
Jamie witham
Jamie witham 19 hours ago
He looks like the bloke from Other Guys film who wants the Arnie Palmers
skippys vr4
skippys vr4 19 hours ago
That panoramic roof makes him the winner.
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston 19 hours ago
Wtf I didn't get a notice for this video and it did not come up on my subs page? What in the actually fuck
Bobs Excellent Adventures
Nothing to loose..............lol
darren vaughan
darren vaughan 20 hours ago
build a 4 wheel drive monster
Dark Legionnaire
Dark Legionnaire 20 hours ago
not being funny but you just released like a months worth of this vs that and now i have no interest in it so thanks
Mike Hicks!
Mike Hicks! 20 hours ago
I knew I saw the fucking vette in the background of the last This Vs That
Canadiangangstar 20 hours ago
9:46 - your best look
Motor Head 963
Motor Head 963 20 hours ago
New flywheel every 3 race days 😬 you need something bulletproof in there
Ricky Lafollette
Ricky Lafollette 20 hours ago
I just watched her lose to a banshee she had so many excuses why she lost it's pathetic
Craig Scott
Craig Scott 20 hours ago
It’s not hard to humiliate a Porsche owner I do it all the time in my C7 Z06.
Dean Woods
Dean Woods 21 hour ago
Need to route the intakes of the turbos to cleaner cooler air. Hot exhaust air is not ideal.
Lars Piirainen
Lars Piirainen 21 hour ago
Come on people - Give the girl a thumb up - Only 7,5k out of 109k view
Jake Poinsett
Jake Poinsett 21 hour ago
OK that thing is stupid fast on the top end once you get that thing to be able to leave it’s gonna be really f fast
Kitebuggy 21 hour ago
Why is the guy racing that banshee not even wearing Gloves ??
Billy Hill
Billy Hill 21 hour ago
Ahahaha Emelia you're my favorite tomboy. Never stop being you. That Banshee is TERRIFYING. If Phoenix woulda been happy you woulda probably had him but he has balls bigger than the jingle balls you and Alex had on the Crown Vic at LeMullets.
22ddavyd 21 hour ago
Jason Paper
Jason Paper 21 hour ago
How’s the title lololol
Erik Kassner
Erik Kassner 21 hour ago
“Nothing to loose”
Joshua De La Torrents
Not even one letter 🤣
EaGLE _706_Racing
EaGLE _706_Racing 21 hour ago
Cali US-firstrs have all the cool and fun shit going on. I'm moving to Cali!! Lol
David Cocanougher
David Cocanougher 21 hour ago
Wat u babe u r so pretty in yr c8
Jeremy Walsh
Jeremy Walsh 21 hour ago
anymore than 2 shakes ... yes thats correct but i dont give a Sh** i will shake it as much as i want til i know aint nothing more gonna just randomly come out
wilgarcia1 21 hour ago
I kinda wish you had a “Bayeeee” sticker on the back somewhere. So you’re opponents can see ;P
2019 Camaro SS 1LE
2019 Camaro SS 1LE 21 hour ago
Seems your not number one anymore. us-first.info/player/video/eNeDnqeCm4CRZ5M.html
The12th Unique
The12th Unique 22 hours ago
Hmm this video probably came out a week ago on Hoonigan, that means that there is a backlog !!! Although their video didn't have the banshees.
VINNIE ANGELO 22 hours ago
she's hiring people to do all her builds now
Lance Gallant
Lance Gallant 22 hours ago
Your so adorable every car guys dream gal!!!
Syed Mohammed Kashif
Tbh he was acting like a dick
David Gourdie
David Gourdie 22 hours ago
Flywheel teeth chatter?,have you thought about approaching an aircraft precision machinist to create a billet flywheel,using the original as a template.
daap gaming
daap gaming 23 hours ago
bigdaddy741098 23 hours ago
That banshee is sick af. But it teaches 1 valuable lesson.... you need to get weight out of your c8... maybe an aftermarket lightweight flywheel would do the trick 😁😂😂👍👊
wayne ogle
wayne ogle 23 hours ago
its a pity you didn't have the c8 when you did the fastest car show!!
Mluleki Hlengwa
Mluleki Hlengwa 23 hours ago
dr right wing
dr right wing 23 hours ago
It’s so obvious that he was into her
ik ja ik
ik ja ik 23 hours ago
are you gonna do more stuff with hoonigan. it is pritty sick
Xbox SeriesX
Xbox SeriesX Day ago
Guy is a d bag
Marc Day ago
tnx for the video
Ricardo Pino
Ricardo Pino Day ago
Slingshot engaged
vortex925 Day ago
I just need a moment while I geek out about the banshee
LV pheno702
LV pheno702 Day ago
Douglas Meek
Douglas Meek Day ago
Emelia I love you!! You kicked his ass through hard work! Typical rich person attitude!!
Joseph Havalotti
Your cool as shit!!
joseph chalwes
Another bites the dust apparently they just love dust
Noah F
Noah F Day ago
Someone just broke your hp record… time to up your game?
john doe
john doe 21 hour ago
but that is a hub dyno. It's not the same as with tires mounted. His numbers would be lower with tires so you can't compare these 2
Noah F
Noah F Day ago
Fueltech USA is the channel name
Sygnis Day ago
that guy with the Taycan was such a turd of a human, the guy with the Banshee was AWESOME though.
Gábor Gyöngyösi
1:54 WTF? Hungarian flag!?
Armando Boensel
You did good mija big props 👏 🙌 👌 👍 💪
Restos & Rebuilds
A 2020 Yamaha r1 for example is under 500lbs and makes 200hp... so the banshee at 600 and 100 didn't seem like much to me lol